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attendant console not saving speed dials

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Hey All,

I've run into a problem. My front desk staff run Attendant Console ver 6.14. They are no longer able to save their speed dial data. It used to work fine. I'm not sure when the problem started but may be related to our upgrade to 7.1.3.

Their AC window possisions(tabs?) also don't save any longer.

Any ideas?

Thanks much,


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David Hailey
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VIP Alumni

When you upgrade to 7x, you need to download and install the AC console plug-in for that version.


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David Hailey
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

When you upgrade to 7x, you need to download and install the AC console plug-in for that version.


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I didn't try that originally because I was working with bad data. It was my understanding that Cisco was discontinuing support for AC in CM 7.x. New 7.x deployments would not have it at all and upgrades from older version could continue using the 6.x version. Apparently I was misinformed.

Thanks for you help.


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Just upgraded from 4x to 6x.

We had a few users upgrade Attendant Console over their old version and it caused some issues. (From within Attendant Console - Help> About> Upgrade button. If no upgrade button - then no upgrade available)

Save the time troubleshooting. Record their user ID, uninstall, and reinstall. Always better to start fresh.


Actually, yes that's a great point. Base install to default location

after upgrade is almost always problematic. Either change the default

install location or uninstall previous version BUT when you uninstall,

double check for file remnants. Sometimes uninstall isn't exactly



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On Mar 22, 2010, at 4:46 PM, "bill.crow"

I am having a similar problem with speed dials saving.  I have two attendant consoles installed on fresh XP installations and both are pointed at the same subscriber.  I use the same credentials to log into the AC on both.  The speed dials on each PC are different and they do not update the other one when I log out on one and into the other.

Now, if I repoint each installation at the publisher, the speed dials will save up and will then migrate back and forth between the servers.  So, it seems like there is a problem on CUCM or AC that doesn't allow speed dial saves to the server when using the subscriber as your server within AC.

Callmanager Version:

AC Version: AC(7.1.0_c)

I have an error message when I try to save the speed dials when connected to the subscribers:

43[AWT-EventQueue-0]05/24 09:55:31.065 ERROR AWT-EventQueue-0 >>> Cannot write user settings for: pete to server: java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested exception is:
java.rmi.RemoteException: Could not set AC user data for: pete


30[Thread-10]05/24 09:56:02.909 ERROR Thread-10 >>> Cannot write user settings for: pete data

Cisco TAC says that this is working as designed.  Speed dials etc will not update if the AC is pointed at a subscriber.  Only when pointed to the publisher will the speed dial etc info be saved to the database.

Can anyone confirm that this was also the case in 4.x?  My recollection was that you pointed your ACs to the nodes where your phones are registered and the speed dials saved fine.



Go to Edit, then Settings.

Under the Basic tab where it says Attendant Server Host Name or IP Address put in the name or address of your publisher.

Under the Advanced tab where it says Call Processing Server or Host Names put in the naem or addresses of your subscribers.

I think this should fix it up for you.