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Auto Voice VLAN vs OUI Table + Voice VLAN port CFG


Hello everyone,


our company is about to finally implement their first VoIP system.

We are using Cisco SB SG350X for LAN connectivity.

As far as I've learned, I have to decide wether to use Auto-Voice-VLAN with Auto-Smartports (AVV) or OUI-tables to use voice VLANs at all. Correct?

If I want to use AVV, phones need to support LLDP. If they don't, I have to use the OUI-table, right?


One further question:

Client PCs will be connected to phones and phones are connected to switches.

I've configured all switch ports to be trunk-ports.

For Catalyst-switches u can simply use the voice vlan command to configure the port. But SB is different.

Is there any need to allow a further VLAN on the trunk port or can I just leave like this?


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
spanning-tree portfast
switchport mode trunk


The native VLAN for the clients is 1 and the voice VLAN should be detected by AVV, right?


Thanks for your help :)


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Hello Nithin,


thanks for your reply :) 

As VLAN 1 is always untagged and VLAN 1105 (my Voice VLAN) is automatically tagged at all ports (checked in in the UI), my config should be working :)

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