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Auto Voice VLAN vs OUI Table + Voice VLAN port CFG

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Hello everyone,


our company is about to finally implement their first VoIP system.

We are using Cisco SB SG350X for LAN connectivity.

As far as I've learned, I have to decide wether to use Auto-Voice-VLAN with Auto-Smartports (AVV) or OUI-tables to use voice VLANs at all. Correct?

If I want to use AVV, phones need to support LLDP. If they don't, I have to use the OUI-table, right?


One further question:

Client PCs will be connected to phones and phones are connected to switches.

I've configured all switch ports to be trunk-ports.

For Catalyst-switches u can simply use the voice vlan command to configure the port. But SB is different.

Is there any need to allow a further VLAN on the trunk port or can I just leave like this?


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
spanning-tree portfast
switchport mode trunk


The native VLAN for the clients is 1 and the voice VLAN should be detected by AVV, right?


Thanks for your help :)


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Hello Nithin,


thanks for your reply :) 

As VLAN 1 is always untagged and VLAN 1105 (my Voice VLAN) is automatically tagged at all ports (checked in in the UI), my config should be working :)