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BE6H-M5-K9 and BE6M-M4-K9 integration possible?

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Level 1

I am about to deploy three (3) BE6000 Servers, two (2) are BE6H-M5-K9 editions and one (1) is BE6M-M4-K9 edition. They both have licences , the BE6H has 100 licences while the BE6M has 300 licences.

My questions below:

1. Can I have both the 2x BE6H and 1 x BE6M together in a CUCM cluster?

2. Can the three (3) BE6000 servers integrate together without additional requirement like hardware and licence?

3. Since they are for the same end-user, Can I transfer or combine the licences between the servers to have a total of 400 licences?



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Ratheesh Kumar
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
Hi there

First of all YES for all the three questions.

I don’t know about the design and the dial plans here. But technically you can integrate both clusters into one single cluster. You can keep the CUCM Publisher one one server and Subscribers across the other servers. Depending on the size of users and cluster, you can either expand your cluster with more TFTP, additional apps etc.

If you have a valid contract you can approach Cisco licensing ( and get your license s consolidated.

Again, If you need to run two servers separate you can create ICT, Inter-Cluster Trunk between these two clusters.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for your feedback.
So basically, a mixture of Cisco Business Edition 6000H (M5) and 6000M (M4) appliance can integrate together in a CUCM cluster without issues?

Level 4
Level 4

Yes it should be possible, This is an old VM Placement tool link where you can verify how much user's would be supported for the needed application There is no need for extra hardware or license.

But to consolidate these license, you will have to put through Cisco Licensing.




Great, thanks.

I got another feedback from Jamie where he mentioned that the rule of thumb is that the small platform (BE6M) determines the total capacity.

Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Bear in mind that even if you can cluster them, the limits of the BE6K platform are still enforced if you want Cisco support, I'd reach out to your SE to confirm which would be the end capacity of that, as you're mixing H and M platforms, and the rule of thumb is that the smallest node/platform is what determines total capacity.



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Thanks Jamie.
The BE6H-M5-K9 is still been sold and supported by cisco, but not the BE6M-M4-K9 which they have stopped but still support.
You mentioned a rule of thumb that the BE6M platform which is the smallest node determines the total capacity. Can you clarify a bit, are you referring to the setup of Publisher and subscriber or in terms of physical hardware capacity will be restricted to BE6M as against the BE6H?

As far as I know both the config Hardware supports upto 1000 user OVA Template (which would be the case here as well).(atleast for CUCM). Check in VMPT.