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Beeping when answering a call

Hi folks,

We have a bit of weird situation where when an external call comes into the switchboard (via CUCM 6.1.3) the receptionist will answer it but all she'll hear is beeping (she described this as an engaged tone).  Generally these sorts of issues are to do with bandwidth or some sort of error in the stream.  I've double checked and site bandwidth is far below what I'd described as highly utilisised and everything in the MRGLs are registered.  This issue is intermittent; it happened about 6 times in a row this morning, but everything worked fine afterwards.

We're seeing the same issue if the receptionist transfers a call to another phone in the cluster - when the recipient answers they'll hear beeping - this is done via a direct / blind transfer.  The issue doesn't occur if consultative transfer is used.

We're using ARC as the switchboard - which uses G.711 for calls, which are then transcoded to G.729 via an IOS enhanced transcoder.  The Transcoder and MTPs are all registered and don't appear to be over utilised.

Any ideas?

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