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Bulk change of DID/Extensions using Cucm7.1.3 BAT steps required


Dear Experts Is their is any way to change the Extension numbers with new ones if yes could you please provide me the steps to chage the existing DID/Extension range 1xxx to 3xxx by using Cucm7.1.3 BAT for 200+ numbers.Thanks

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


1.What you are looking for is updating the directory numbers of the phone from the extension of 1xxx to 3xxx correct.

2. Is there extension mobility iinvolved any which way?

For 1.

A possible workaround is as follows to Export the Existing Phone
Configuration, and re-insert them after making manual modifications to the .CSV File.

The detailed steps are as follows:
1. Cisco Unified CM Administration---->Bulk Administration ---> Phones
---> Export Phones (All details) by using narrowing down the IP Phones per Phone Model.

2.Run the Job, and save the .txt file created with the results of the
Export. Open the file in a CSV format.

3.Modify the Directory Number column manually.  

4.Deleted the Exported IP Phones from the Call Manger.

5.Go to Bulk Administration-----> Upload/Download----> Upload the
modified CSV file.

6.Bulk Administration-----> Phones----->Insert Phones (All details)
and select the uploaded the CSV File.

Test it with a 2-3 test phones and see if it helps.

Thanks for your reply .2. NO Extension mobility assigned to any of the phones and about

4.Deleted the Exported IP Phones from the Call Manger= you mean after exporting all the ip phones details to .txt file i need to delete all the ip phones in the cucm and then insert the new ones

i will test and update.

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