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no ring back tone H323 fast start

Dears,We have two geographically far away offices connected by VSAT. In the main office there is CUCM 6.1 cluster and the other office there is CUCME. Intercluster trunk (non-GK) is configured between the CUCM cluster and the remote CUCME. There was ...

cisabucho by Beginner
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Rebooting CUCM 7.1 cluster

We have Call Manager  ( Publisher and two SubscribersJust wanted to know if there is any protocol in rebooting the entire cluster:Is there any order that needs to be followed?It will be after normal business hours, so no one will be aff...

Hotline Configuration

Hi,I would like to ask on the steps on how to configure hotline in CISCO Call Manager I would like to allow certain hotline numbers using maybe a 3 digit or 5 digit that can be called using our ip phones in my office. Thanks!

No Outbound Call

I have a h323 GW with SRST and added to CUCM6, I can make outgoing calls in SRST mode but I can't make calls normally when the PSTN is the only GW selected in the route group.I have a phone registered with CUCM and I want this phone to call outside l...

Resolved! CUCM NTP - what will happen?

I just realized that the NTP server our CUCM cluster is pointing to was decomissioned about 8 months ago (it was a 2003 Windows server box).  Somehow our phones have maintained accurate time??? I need to update the NTP server and I think I found whe...

lukeprimm by Beginner
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Ready for ICOMM 8.0?

Hello,I'm getting ready for my ICOMM 8.0 exam (640-461). I got a 2811 outfitted with  c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.124-11.t.binI have an HWIC-4ESW to connect some IP phones (Polycom IP301 SIPs as I don't have 79xx yet)What else do I need to run a coupl...