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Busy signal on DID Number

Mike McWethy

I am trying to configure a DID for a particular extension. We have the translation rules in place and I have no other issues with several other phones. However, this one particular extension and number constantly gives me the busy signal when trying to reach from outside. I am not a voice expert and I am just learning voice. The system was configured prior to my employment so I have reviewed and tried to understand what is going on with it, but I cannot seem to figure out why this one extension is not working. I am sure it is something simple that I am overlooking. Any help would be appreciated. I can provide the config details as requested.

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Sami Ahmad

Hi Mike,

Is your phone with extension number translated from DID is registered?

on a second thought, test your voice translation rules on the router, see if it covers the range of DIDs you have.


Yes it is registered and I tested the translation rule and it does strip the necessary digits and gives only the last three which is the extension number.

First you need to make sure the DID is reaching the gateway where the call is coming in.

Check dial-peer is correct for both Pots and VOIP leg.

you can do debug isdn q931 .

Then make  sure translation route CSS contains the partition of the extension number and it  should work.thanks

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you are allowed to, please send the output of debug "voip ccapi inout" and let us know the calling number, called number and time stamp. This will allow us to see if the call is failing on your equipment or on the service provider's equipment.

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