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Call Accounting with UC540

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I have tried numerous options for capturing call logs but nothing seems to work. I have an in-house FTP server configured for this and it is configured with a non-domain user and password. I can connect to it just fine from any machine on the network. I want simple call details such as who made/received the call, to/from which number, and how long they were on the phone. The main reason is that there have been a few accidental 911 calls that no one will admit to but we would also like details in the event that there may be other issues. I know that CCA is rather clunky/buggy still but I have felt the wrath of using a combination CCA and CLI so I was hoping to be able to achieve this via CCA if possible. If not, CLI is fine as long as it doesnt interfere with other programming.

What I have tried so far is within CCA go to Applications > General Settings > Call Accounting and checked to enable Call Accounting as well as filled in the IP of the FTP server along with User and Pass. Nothing is hitting the FTP server (no connection attempts showed in the FTP logs). Am I missing a step or is there some other limitation that I am not aware of?

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