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call forward all caller i'd issue

How to Change of Caller ID to callers number while doing call forward.?

its not showing the exact number now ....

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call forward all caller i'd issue

Hi there,

You can change what is shown on your phone if a call is forwarded to it

Here is an excerpt from Cisco Press

Configurable Display of Forwarded Call Information

You can specify, on a per-line basis, the types of information that users see when calls are forwarded to their stations. Each line on a station can display different forwarded call  information based on the settings configured in the Forwarded Call  Information Display area on the Directory Number Configuration page in  CallManager Administration (Device > Phone > find and select a  phone > click a line number).

To  better understand the display capabilities that can be configured for  each line on a station, the following explanations help to clarify some  common terms.

###Each  line on your station that can be used for calls has an associated  directory number. If you originate a call, the line that you use to  place the call, for display purposes, is referred to as the calling line  ID (CLID) or simply calling party number. There is also a display name  associated with that line on your station, and it is referred to as the  calling name ID (CNID) or simply the calling party name.

When  you make a call by dialing the directory number of the person you want  to reach, the number that you dial is referred to as the original dialed  number (ODN). Because calls might be forwarded one or more times, the  original dialed number might not be the actual number of the line that  is answered when the call is completed. The final directory number used  to extend the call when the call is actually completed is referred to as  the redirected dialed number (RDN).

The  following check boxes are provided on the Directory Number  Configuration page in CallManager Administration. All can be enabled or  disabled by selecting/deselecting the check box. These check boxes  control the display of information for calls that have been forwarded to  the phone. By default, for forwarded calls that arrive at your phone,  you will see the original dialed number and the calling party name.

    *Caller name (also known as calling name ID [CNID])— Enabled by default
    *Caller number (also known as calling line ID [CLID])— Disabled by default
    *Redirected number (also known as redirected dialed number [RDN])— Disabled by default
    *Dialed number (also known as original dialed number [ODN])— Enabled by default

Consider  the following example: A call arrives at John's station on the line  associated with directory number 4444. Delon Whetten originated the call  on line 1111, and called Anne Smith at 2222. Anne had forwarded 2222 to  Chris Pearce at 3333. Chris had forwarded 3333 to you at 4444. In this  example, the calling party name is Delon, and the calling party number  is 1111. The original dialed number is 2222. The redirected dialed  number is 3333. When the phone arrives at John's station, the  information that displays depends on the display options that you  configured for John's station.


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