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Call forwarding errors when originating call is external

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MAN I've got problems here lately -

Cisco Unified CM

System version:

This has never been an issue before and suddenly in the last two weeks, call forwarding doesn't work right. Users set the call fwd all either from the phone istlsef or if i do it in CM and we get an error when an external caller tries dialing the DN. Fwding is also set to external number. Everythings works swell when fwding to internal (originating can be internal or external in this case, no prob) OR when fwding is set to external, but internal calls DN, then it routes properly.

When external is used for fwd all and an external number dials the DN, the message they hear is (no rings at all) "I'm sorry your call cannot be completed at this time, please hang up and try your call again later."

All other calling fucntions inbound/oubount/internal/external seem fine when call forwarding is not set.

The CSS for call fwd all appears to be set correctly as well. The issue seems to be affecting everyone rather than just one line.

I'm stymied. I am now assuming this is a route list issue, but I don't know what to look for. Or should I be looking somewhere else?

THank you for any assistance.

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Tommer Catlin
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Local Route Groups used?

Do you mean with regard to the CSS for CFWD All? Or in general? THis is where it gets confusing to me because our consultants set up all of our routing. As far as I know, incoming calls co through our Pub (in St. Paul) and our outgoing calls go through our sub (In Philadelphia). I think they set it up this way for load balancing... I'm not sure though.


Site A phone has callforward to 95551212

We use local route groups if I understand correctly, each site has its own route list. However ours requires the 10 digit, so I forward to 9 555 555 5555

Can you gather some logs from RTMT and see where the call is getting rejected? If your not sure what your looking for in the logs you can send them to me and let me know what number your calling from, calling to, what DN that should be going to, and where it should be forwarded.

When your collecting the logs just gather the CallManager system service and all system services.

Another test is setup a Translation Pattern with that DID and forward that directly to an external number and see if that works.

Double check that the CSS your using has access to the correct Partitions.

Cool - I sent you a PM.

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your service provider blocked all calls coming from your end with phone mask out of your DID Range, to check it create a CSS, pt and route pattern. Make cfwd CSS to be the new CSS and configure the mask on your new route pattern to be one of your numbers.

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This is a great thing to try. Please let me know the results of this.