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Call Manager configuration for DS3 replacing PRIs


We currently have CUCM 9.1 and  some PRIs configured on 2951s that are registered to this cluster.

We are planning on changing all those PRIs for 1 DS3 in one super duper voice gateway, the plan is to get a new gateway with the right DS3 cards to handled all the inbound traffic of TFNs.

Looking for check list maybe of things that We have to do before We migrate to DS3, on call manager side and Voice gateway side to confirm that we are ready to receive this new circuits.


thank you for the help


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You will not be able to do this with a 2900 series router (or any ISR, for that matter).  The DS3 cards for them are data-only.

If you want to use a DS3 for PSTN voice termination, you will have to get an AS5300 or AS5400 series gateway or a 7200-series router, to support ISDN over DS3.

thank you for the response.

Yes, talking with our network team, looks like they are going to put a MUX for the DS3 and delivered 28 cables (T1s) to 2 voice gateways as there is a max of 16 PRIs that can be handled by VGW.


Any recommendation between both solutions?



Honestly, it'd be cheaper to use an AS5300 with a DS3.  That's the way I'd do it.

I don't envy the thought of dealing with that many individual PRIs in call manager, for what's essentially a single circuit.

The configuration of a single AS5300/AS5400 will be much simpler, too.