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calling party number not display

Level 1
Level 1

we are using as5350xm. if the calling party number is not restricted, it appears in the debug message. If it is restricted, it does not appear in the debug message.

The problem is that we want the CLI regardless of the presentation status. After examining the ISDN SETUP message, the CLI is presented together with callerid presentation status (restricted, allowed, etc).

How could we enable the CLI display?

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Level 6
Level 6

In order for the Cisco CallManager to pass the calling party name, verify these settings on the gateway configuration page:

1) Verify that the Display IE Delivery field is checked.

2) Verify that the Presentation Bit is set to Allowed.

3) Verify under Service Parameters that the ToSendH225UserInfoMessage is set to True.

Steps 1,2 done

Step3: "Send H225 User Info Message*" has only these values

-H225 Info for Call Progress Tone

-Use ANN for Ring Back

-User Info for Call Progress Tone

Which 1 shld b selctd

My problem is same but with 2651 Router with CCM 4.1(3)

DIDs are not presented to PSTN, instead our pilot # from PRI presented to PSTN.

Help in this regard is much appreciated