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Cannot change 69XX language from my latest firmware SCCP69xx.9-0-2-0

Hi All,

I have some of my files with the latest firmware SCCP69xx.9-0-2-0 on the Call Manager 7.1 and on my phones...

The problem here is when I try to change the user locale to "Spanigh, Spain", It correctly sincronize the info with the phones, but the no chages are applied, The phone interface and the phone's web interface still on Englis language.

This is the information on the web page of the phone.

SW Port Setup Auto NegotiateAuto Negotiate
PC Port Setup Auto NegotiateAuto Negotiate
User LocaleSpanish_Spain
Network LocaleUnited_States
User Locale VersionNone
Network Locale Version7.1.0.1(3)

It clearly says "Spanish Spain", but no changes are applied, I restar the phone several times with the CM and manually and nothing happens.

Some of these are mogs messages.

rwxrwxrwx 0:0 a: -1 i:0 Mar  1, 2011 12:09:56pm  112165 rtl-sccp.jar
ERROR: Authenticating configuration file /RAM/rtl-sccp.jar
download_configuration_process 1178: Auth Spanish_Spain/rtl-sccp.jar fails.
Authenticating SCCP69xx.9-0-2-0.loads file successfully.
SSH: ssh_auth_useradd find ok (sshdActivate)
rwxrwxrwx 0:0 a: -1 i:0 Mar  1, 2011 12:09:56pm    1822 local
rwxrwxrwx 0:0 a: -1 i:0 Mar  1, 2011 12:09:56pm    5355 config
Copying files to flash... Complete.
..nmmp_get_locale_tone_file 1055: ffs_fopen fail.
SSH: ssh_auth_useradd find ok (sshdActivate)
SSH: ssh_auth_useradd find ok (sshdActivate)
0000021151 - ACCU:  SCCP REG OK(0, 1)
0000021152 - ACCU: accu_term_sccp_line_select_softkeys(). no match softkey set 0

Can some one help me with this, It would be apreciated,

Thank you so much!




Did you reset the servers after uploading the firmware?? If not, please do so and let me know how it went.

Hi vhilario

Yes, I Did restart the servers, The Firmware 9.0 was include on a DeVPack, so a wide-cluster restart was done., I found this on the internet...

-       Unfortunately localization will not be available on CME for 69XX phones until CME 8.6

-       CME 8.6 will be released till March 2011

-       You can contact Cisco after March 2011 for Spanish locale on 69XX phones

          So, we will wait until March 2011.

From a Cisco TAC order...

right now I have the espain_locale_pack por 69XX, I'll try to install it and then tell you later... (po-locale-es_ES- downloaded from

But the problem here is that:

download_configuration_process 1178: Auth Spanish_Spain/rtl-sccp.jar fails.

I do have that file :S in that directory. Maybe it is corrupt, or maybe that file just support 79XX Phones.

thanks vhilario for your concerning.


Ok, I just installed


for my phones 6941 with firmware, And I didn't work, all my phones still on English language, I Installed this locale pack on every server and then a wide-clusterd restart was done.

There is another file on it is called "Locale pack installer for" (16 MB). maybe it could work but I have to read the release notes.

¿What am I doing wrong?




I'm using the CallManager 8.0.3 and I was the same problem that you. I did the upgrade of firmware for SCCP69xx.9-1-1-2-sr and after upgrade the phone 6921 got language Spanish.