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CER default ERL

Good Afternoon, we are currently in the middle of making some tweaks for the Ray Baum act requirements in January of 2022.  Looking to see what other customers are doing to track the mobile device (J4W registered through VPN, and 8800 series registered through MRA)?  Jabber mobile is covered because that uses the native dialer on the mobile device to place the call.  We currently use CER to track devices and then pass it off to Red Sky.  One thing I'm curious about is how do other customers use the default ERL.  We have about 200 branches across the US and all of the remote users mentioned above.  Currently we only route the default to the onsite notification devices but if we want to send this to Red Sky it looks like it only send the ALI info that is provisioned for the default ERL which would be wrong for the other 199 sites and remote users.  I know we have had a couple a calls through the years route to the national relay center and curious if the default ERL could be implemented in a way to do that knowing the location info would need to be given, either way the legal team would need to give direction on that.


Thanks in advance

Adam Pawlowski
VIP Advocate

I'm not 100% positive on what or how red sky is integrated. I know they support PIDF-LO for location data, but CER doesn't send that, the UCM tags it as it routes the call. I don't believe ALI information from the default ERL should make its way there live, but would have maybe been synchronized if you use V911, but I could be wrong.


I would ask RedSky if there's a special address or similar that can go into the configuration that would let them know that the call needs to go to their center for handling. Those calls are expensive I hear, so for a Jabber client perhaps the vendor's accompanying software is the way to go if it works with V911.

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