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cisco 6901 IP phone not detected


My system is composed of: 
UC560 +2 cisco 6901 ip phones+ 2 cisco 7945 ip phones. 

I use CCA 3.2 (3) for the configuration
when I started the setup with the telephony configuration wizard  , the system has detected only two phones cisco 7945. so I added the 6901 phones manually. 
When I finished the configuration I find that only the cisco 7945  phones work and  the cisco ip phones 6901 gives busy tone. sad

other informations :

  • concerning the cisco ip phone 6901: 

the staus of the ip phones is unregistred.

they get the following IP addresses: / 

I can enter the device information page of ip phones:

From this page i obtained this informations :

DHCP SERVER : (this is the uc560 ip address)

DEFAULT ROUTER 1 : ( the uc560 ip address)TFTP SERVER 1:

DNS SERVER 1 : (MY ADSL router ip address)

  • the status is registredconcerning the cisco ip phones7945: 

they get the following IP addresses: /

Thank you in advance for your help. 

Tony Cilli Jr

Looks like your 6901 phones are ending up in a different subnet than your 7945's. Thus they're also being pointed to a TFTP server IP address that is something different than the IP of your UC560.
Make sure the switchport interfaces for your 6901's are configured correctly. 

If you want more information, feel free to post the switchport config for one of the 6901's and the 7945's for comparison.




Please try to configure the switchport to which ip phone 6901 connecting as voice vlan only.

Do not form mini trunk config (no data vlan, only voice vlan).

also share the current config for the for the switchport.

Cisco 6901 does not support two port and work on single Vlan, we may need to do configuration at switch level to remove the  Data vlan may be.

I assume with above points it should resolve the issue.



After hours of research I  found that i must do an upgrade for  the firmware 9.0 (2) to  9.1 (1) or later. 
See this link:

for this downloded the last firmware of 6901 ip phone (cmterm-6901_6911-sccp.9-3-1-SR1-3.cop.sgn)

and i will upgrade it with Cisco Unified Communications Locale Installer
this is my first exeprience with cisco, please explain me with more detailed answers

thank you again for helping me and guiding me to the right path

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