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Cisco Agent Desktop (IP Phone 7962)

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This is my first post in the Cisco Support Community. I apologize in advance if my post is not in the correct area.

Last year, my company updated their phone system. We currently have Cisco IP Phone 7962 and use the Cisco Agent Desktop to handle call in the Call Center. Prior to the conversion, I recall our consultants mentioning that we would be able to use our phones from any place an internet connection was available.

I am looking into this now so that we can have the guidelines to set this up if necessary. There have been times in the past, during winter, when the Call Center staff was unable to make it to the office. This would help us prepare for those situations and maintain the level of customer service we provide.

Does anyone in the community have knowledge or experience setting that up? I have been searching online, but could not find anything.

I thank you in advance for any assistance or feedback.


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Paul McGurn
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Level 6

We use Extension Mobility, and Cisco IP Communicator to provide the call Center agents with an option to work remotely. That said, the CIPC and CAD still need connectivity back to the LAN (VPN).

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