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Cisco Call Manager - External Sites Connectivity Issues


Good Morning,

About 4 months ago users started to complain that their phones sounded garbled and had a lot of static.
Recently, about 50% of our external sites can’t establish “Multiple Frames Established” through their T1 PRI interface.
One of our sites briefly shows “Multiple Frames Established” but after a few seconds goes back to TE1_Assigned.
I have been informed that the Cisco Call Manager will need to be rebuilt but haven’t been give a reason why since
I’m not the Administrator of this system. I’m thinking that a configuration issue on the Cisco Call Manager could be causing these issues. Any insight you might have in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Troubleshooting performed:
No mgcp mgcp
Shut/no shut T1 0/21 and Serial 0/2/1:23
Verified router configs haven’t changed
Cisco Call Manager is pingable from the routers
Sh controller T1 0/2/1 (shows the lines are clean)
Verified with the provider that there are no line issues

(Partial Router Configuration)
dsp services dspfarm
no watchdog
controller T1 0/2/1
framing esf
clock source line primary
linecode b8zs
cablelength long 0db
pri-group timeslots 1-8,24 service mgcp
voice-port 0/2/1:23
mgcp call-agent **.*.***.*** 2427 service-type mgcp version 0.1
mgcp rtp unreachable timeout 1000 action notify
mgcp modem passthrough voip mode nse
mgcp package-capability rtp-package
mgcp package-capability sst-package
mgcp package-capability pre-package
no mgcp package-capability res-package
no mgcp package-capability fxr-package
no mgcp timer receive-rtcp
mgcp sdp simple
mgcp fax rate 9600
mgcp fax t38 inhibit
mgcp rtp payload-type g726r16 static
mgcp behavior rsip-range tgcp-only
mgcp behavior comedia-role none
mgcp behavior comedia-check-media-src disable
mgcp behavior comedia-sdp-force disable
ccm-manager fallback-mgcp
ccm-manager redundant-host **.*.***.*** **.*.***.***
ccm-manager mgcp
no ccm-manager fax protocol cisco
ccm-manager config server **.*.***.***

Thank you,

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