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Cisco Cp-6911 Register in Asterisk

Hi everyone


I have some IP Phone model 6911 and i'm trying to setup them to register in Asterisk.


It takes all files from tftp and i know that SIP firmware was uploaded ( SIP6911.9-2-1-0), since i have some trouble with other models i know the problem is the SEPMAC xml file. I've tested several types of XML and none works.


Asterisk register log does not show any attempt from 6911.


Does anyone have success with this model and Asterik ?



I will attache my XML files

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

The xmlDefault.cnf.xml is not needed.
Great. This model doesn't have any LCD display so there is no way to determine whether or not the SEPmacaddress.cnf.xml file is correct or not.
Looking at the SEPmacaddress.cnf.xml file I can see a lot of lines missing and the proxy XML tags are incorrect.
You've done this before, why not use the SEPmacaddress.cnf.xml files from the phones that work?

Hi Leo

Thanks for your help again.
I did use some SEPMACxml files that i have and it doesnt work, but this
morning i found one version that works fine.

6911 Doesnt have display, but using web interface of it i can see all tftp
messages and i can see at my Centos TFTP server log too.

The only problem that i have now is time between the user dial some number
( 10 seconds ) and it is "forward" to Asterisk Server. It happens only at
cisco phone,

folow is my dialplan.xml

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Where is your dial plan?

At file named dialplan.xml inf TFTP files directory
Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Well, we want to see your dialplan.xml.

Hi Leo

i've uploaded but i dont know why cisco forum block this file.

Now i'm uploading zip file

<TEMPLATE MATCH="2......." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="3.." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="4......." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="5......." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="6.." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="7.." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="9........" Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="0..2...." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="0..3...." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="0..4...." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="0..5...." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="0..6...." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="0..7...." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="0..9....." Timeout="0"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="#" Timeout="0" rewrite="%1"/><!--disca imediatamente apos # e nao envia o #-->
<TEMPLATE MATCH="*" Timeout="4"/> <!-- Anything else -->

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

So if one dials, for example, 700 the system takes 10 seconds to dial?


i did some tests, with extension 700, 3000 etc.
if i use softphone or other IP Phone like Yeastar, Yealink, Grandstream its
works fine.

If i dial 700 and # at the end it takes 10 seconds too.

I did Hard reset several times to force new upgrade
Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

I'd upgrade the firmware of the phone. That sounds like a bug.
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