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Cisco IP Phone 7941 Set the ring time longer


I would like to know how I should set the ring time of Cisco IP Phone 7941 Series, in Call Manager. I want it to keep ringing until someone picks it up.

Also, when a customer calls from the reception phone with the extension 1203 (not an IP phone but ISDN), the reception phone automatically calls to 1230 (the main phone number), and it rings on all the IP phones. But the phone stops ringing after 4 times, and changes to the Cisco messaging system, but I would like this phone to keep ringing until someone picks it up.

I've tried to search for the extension 1230 in call manager, but since this is a main number and not the extension, I was not able to find it. Please let me know how this settings could be changed.

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Harmit Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Shin,

So is 1230 a shared line or a pickup group number? If you want to make a directory number ring continously till someone picks up or till calling party hangs up, you would need to change the "No Answer Ring Duration" under the directory number config page:

No Answer Ring Duration (seconds)

Used in conjunction with Call Forward No Answer Destination, this field  sets the timer for how long the phone will ring before it gets  forwarded. Leave this setting blank to use the value that is set in the  Cisco CallManager service parameter, Forward No Answer Timer.

Caution     :

By default, Cisco Unified Communications Manager makes the time for  the T301 timer longer than the No Answer Ring Duration time; if the set  time for the T301 timer expires before the set time for the No Answer  Ring Duration expires, the call ends, and no call forwarding can occur.  If you choose to do so, you can configure the time for the No Answer  Ring Duration to be greater than the time for the T301 timer. For  information on the T301 timer, choose System > Service Parameters; choose the server, the Cisco CallManager service, and then the parameter in the window that displays.




Hi Harmit,

I'm new to Cisco systems. I use the phone Cisco IP Phone 7941 series, and the managing system I use is Cisco Unity, and Cisco Unified Call Manager. I do not have Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

1230 is an outside line which rings on all the phones.

First, I would like to know how to search for an outside line phone number 000-000-1230.

Then how I can change the No Answer Ring Duration time for the phone number.

Thank you.

Hi Shin,

Cisco Call Manager is now called Cisco Unified Communication Manager. What version are you running? Assuming you're using version 5.x and greater, you can go to "Call Routing" --> "Directory Number" or "Call Routing" --> "Route Plan Report". Search for the number there. You also need to know how many digits are coming into the Call Manager. If its the last 4 digits, then search for 1230 and you should be able to find all the IP phones associated with it. Once that is confirmed, then you can follow the instructions in my first note to change the duration of rings.




Hi Harmit,

I am using Cisco Unified CallManager 4.3 Administration.

We do have Route Plan Report in Route Plan, but I cannot access the page.

Hi Shin,

Are you logging in with the admin account or your account? Looks like your user id doesn't have privileges to view that page. Try going to "Device" --> "Phones" page and search for the extension there. Do you see it there? How many digits are supposed to come into the Call Manager from the gateway?



Hi Harmit,

I'm logging in with the username and password alloted to me.

When I go to "Device" -->"Phones" page and make a search for the extension, I do not find the extension 1230 there.

As for how many digits are supposed to come into the Call manager from the gateway, I don't know.

Thank you,


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Shin,

I'll just add a short note to the great tips from my friend Harmit +5 "H"

You could also try looking for DN 1230 in CUCM under

Call Routing> Route/Hunt> Hunt Pilot

It sounds like it might be the Hunt Pilot # with a Broadcast Hunt Group




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Hi Rob,

Sorry, looks like I do not have permission to access that page.

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