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CISCO Unity Messaging - VM to Email

Our infrastucture just recently launched the VM to Email service.

We have also launched the BES10, UDS service to the employees that use iOS devices (iPads, iPhones)

We have pushed out our Work Space Connect app to the iOS devices through our BES 10 server and have configured the user's Email, Contacts/ Calendar etc, due to security.  I have recieved notifications from all the users with these devices that cannot play the .WAV file attachement.

When using the Native email client on the iPads, there are no problems and it plays the .WAV file message without any issues.

I've consulted with Blackberry and Apple but haven't gotten any resolution so I thought I would throw this out there to see if I can get a directional start..

Thanks for your read!

Eduardo Lopez.


Hello Eduardo,

I checked around and do not see any strictly related bugs having a behaviour using BES10, perhaps if you could obtain a little more feedback to isolate the issue.

When they cannot play the .WAV file attachment do they get an error? What application is being used to play the .WAV, or are you using VMO?

This is the only input i can think about at this time.




Sorry David, Here are the details that I'm experiencing.

When selecting the VoiceMessage.wav icon, it gives me option to Save Attachement, View Attachment or Cancel.

When I select View, I get an error message that displays "File Type not supported in Preview"..

When I go to Save it, it saves it under the Work Connect's "files" folder and when I go to open it, I get: "Error, No secured applications could be found that could open this document type."

I downloaded an App recomnded by Apple, and push it down to the device through UDS.

(Which technically, should be a "Secured" app) but still get the same messages above..

Also tested it with the Native email client on the iPad, and found no problems and it plays the .WAV file message just fine.

Thanks again!

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