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Cisco Voice and Video Communication for small installation

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Good morning,

I hope you could help me! I have the following question about a new project in wich I want to use Cisco voice communication system.
My customer ask me to make a design for a small Cisco installation with less of 8 IP phones. The only requirement that he needs is to make video call between IP phones. He wish to use the Cisco IP phone 9971 like that he uses in his office.

Unfortunately I have been not be able to find a valid solution that fit well (in terms of cost) with previews requirements.

Have you any suggestions?

Thanks and regards

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Thomas Dominic
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Tomasso,

The latest version of Cisco Unified CallManager Express (CME 8.5 - Executive Version) supports Cisco 9971 phone's.

You could run it on a Cisco 1861 Integrated Services Router - It supports maximum of 15 phone's.

Seems tailor made for you

Here is the documentation for the same -



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I believe we don't have video support for 99xx series of phones yet in CME 8.5. Going by your above like i think video calling on CME 8.5 is supported with 'CUVA with 79xx phones' or 7985 video endpoints.

From the discussion on ,support for 9971 with video can be expected in CME 8.6 sometime later this year.

Thanks for your reply...

just a question. I have contacted my reseller that proposed me the possibility to buy an Unified CM 8.5 7816-I5 Appliance instead of UCMBE with a some of saved money.

What is the real difference between CM and CMBE? I think only for the UNITY function included in the CMBE. It's right?

Thanks and regards


You're right. The Unity Connection on the CUCMBE is the main difference.

A CM 8.5 7816-I5 server can support upto 500 phones and if required you could add one more server to create a cluster for backup.

CUCM Business Edition will be a standalone server with no options for redundancy.

Dear Guru Murthy A,

i have been searching HIGH and LOW for a document to state hoew how much the 7916I5 and 7925I5 MCS servers support in terms of users for CUCM 8.X (so far 8.6), and the only thing i found is the 7835I5 stating that is supports upto 2,500 users per server.

now i knwo from past expreiences the the CUCM (CM Before) would support a minimum of 500 users on the first server, then 1,000 on the second model and 2,500 on the third model, this is in theory but where can we have this confirmed by a solid document?



CUCM support up to 2500 per server but this also in regard to the hardware used in that server, and you can add more subscribers servers to have a cluster consist of max 7-8 servers however for very large scale voice implementations there something called mega cluster which has to be certified by cisco advance 

D services where the cluster can grow a lot more 

And CUCM server can support up 7500 registrations but this is need to reconsidered with redundancy and high end hardware or maybe virtualized on ucs 

For small install with small growth of the number of users you can go with CUCMBE unless your customer happy to go with CUCM

From CUCM v8 srnd:

Cisco Unified CMBE provides call processing services for small single-site deployments or small distributed multisite deployments. There are three versions of Cisco Unified CMBE: CMBE 3000, CMBE 5000 and CMBE 6000. The main differences between the three versions are as follows:

–The hardware on which Unified CMBE is deployed and the number of applications and services that can be run co-resident. Unified CMBE 3000 and CMBE 5000 provide co-resident Cisco Unified CM call processing and Cisco Unity Connection messaging services. Unified CMBE 6000 includes Unified CM and Unity Connection as well as Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Contact Center Express services.

–The capacity of the system. Unified CMBE 3000 supports 300 users and up to 400 endpoints. Unified CMBE 5000 supports 500 users and up to 575 endpoints. Unified CMBE 6000 supports 1,000 users and up to 1,200 endpoints.

–The install and upgrade procedure. Unified CMBE 3000 and CMBE 5000 use a single software image to install and/or upgrade Unified CM and Unity Connection natively on the supported Cisco MCS platforms. Unified CMBE 6000 uses discrete software images to install and/or upgrade each of the co-resident applications (Unified CM, Unity Connection, Unified Presences, and Unified Contact Center Express) in VMware on the Cisco UCS C200 Series platform.

Note that Unified CMBE 3000 and CMBE 6000 are supported beginning with Cisco Unified CM 8.5.

Hope this help

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Hi Marwan,

i was asking if there is a document stating how much the 7816 servers can handle with CUCM 8.5 (not CMBE, normal CUCM).

as in the data sheets section, the 7816 and 7825 do not have any user count in them, whil ethe 7835 and above defien the maximum user count per server.


Hi Saeed

In thi link

to MCS 7825-I5 - IBM x3250-M3 : up to 1,500 devices on a single server.

do you search anything more??. I need know if the server MCS7825I5-K9-CMD3A support 1100 user per server using CUCM 8.6???

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