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CME and SIP calls through VPN

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I have configured CME 4.1 to act as SIP Proxy Server,Configured it corectly so X-Lite SIP Softphone can register with it. Inside LAN network X-Lite to X-Lite calls function without the problem, but:

I connect through VPN to my LAN and register X-Lite with CME (extenssion 66) without any problem.

The other person also connects to our LAN through and registers his X-Lite with CME (extenssion 55).I would like them to talk to each other.

The problem is following. When any of us try to call eachother, the X-Lite Rings, and when a call is answered it immediatly drops with error "Internal Server Error". This is SIP 500 message.

Does anybody has a clue why is this happening and how it can be solved.


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Accepted Solutions

Call from 2222 tries to use an unsupported speex codec. Please configure x-lite to use g711u only.

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paolo bevilacqua
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Have configured codec g711u for the voice pool

yes, I have configured it with the command

voice class codec 1

codec preference 1 g711alaw

codec preference 2 g711ulaw

and then under voice poolvalso

voice-class codec 1

Are both phones registered to CME ?

Can you include the full "debug ccsip message" ?

Yes,both phones are registered to CME through VPN.

I have also to mention following.

When I connect from one location using VPN and registering to CME with IP Communicator and from other Location using VPN and registering X-Lite, calls can be placed between IP Communicator and X-Lite.

The only issue is X-Lite to X-Lite (SIP to SIP) calls


Should not be necessary, but please also configure

voice service voip

allow-connections sip-to-sip

have already configured that.

Please send the complete trace.


I will send it soon

here is the trace

Call from 2222 tries to use an unsupported speex codec. Please configure x-lite to use g711u only.


In X-Lite I have set only G711a and G711u codecs, but it was not working.

When I set only G711u codec it worked.

Thanx very much

I will grade it with 5 ;-)


Great, thanks for the nice rating and good luck!