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Configuration file in CME

Level 1
Level 1

Hi there,   when we enable CME in cisco router,  after issue Telephony-service --> create CN, system will display following:

                          CNF file createion is aleady on,   Updateing CNF files,   CNF files update complete.

can someone explain:    what is in side of this file?

                                   where is it located?

                                   can we actually open have a look?

                                   does it records all ephone ephone-dn information?   there are mutiple CNF file or just a single file.

I guest it is a single file with the info for all the ephone, so when each phone contact the tftp server,  it will get it's configure info from that CNF file?  am I correct here?           Cheers Roy



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Dragan Ilic
Level 4
Level 4

CNF files are specific phone configuration files.

You can choose where they are located - under "telephony-service" you have "cnf-file location ..." or something similar.

When you find exact location using "show flash..." you can look inside that file using "more flash:<file name>".




Hi  Dragan

thanks for the reply, you are right I can specify the locaiont of the files. My intial questions is wonderging where is the default locaiotn for the CNF-File.  the link bellow explained that it is in the sysmtem, so that is why when I try to see it via show flash:,will not see it. but you can change it location as you explained,   after I change the location to Flash, and create cnf file again, it takes while then all the cnf files can be viewed inside of flash.