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Connecting third-party IP Phone to Cisco Router 2821


I have configured Dlink DP-150S IP PHONE using SIP protocol and all is working fine.

Only issue i am having is Randomly IP Phones start sending missed calls (two rings) to each other many times in a day  then stops and starts again with another number.


See following configuration done on Cisco Router.


voice service voip
allow-connections h323 to h323
allow-connections h323 to sip
allow-connections sip to h323
allow-connections sip to sip
registrar server
voice register global
mode cme
source-address port 5060
max-dn 30
max-pool 30
tftp-path flash:
create profile sync 0000552354014751
voice register dn 1
number 101
allow watch
name Apt-1
label Apt-1
voice register dn 2
number 102
allow watch
name Apt-2
label Apt-2
voice register dn 3
number 103
allow watch
name Apt-3
label Apt-3
voice register dn 4
number 104
allow watch
name Apt-4
label Apt-4
voice register dn 5
number 105
allow watch
name Apt-5
label Apt-5
voice register dn 6
number 106
allow watch
name Apt-6
label Apt-6
voice register dn 7
number 107
allow watch
name Apt-7
label Apt-7
voice register dn 8
number 108
allow watch
name Apt-8
label Apt-8
voice register dn 9
number 109
allow watch
name Gate-Security
label Gate-Security
voice register pool 1
id mac 58D5.6E45.E6D5
number 1 dn 1
username a1 password a1
codec g711ulaw
voice register pool 2
id mac 58D5.6E45.E278
number 1 dn 2
username a2 password a2
codec g711ulaw
voice register pool 3
id mac 58D5.6E45.DFA3
number 1 dn 3
username a3 password a3
codec g711ulaw
voice register pool 4
id mac 58D5.6E45.E962
number 1 dn 4
username a4 password a4
codec g711ulaw
voice register pool 5
id mac 58D5.6E45.E397
number 1 dn 5
username a5 password a5
codec g711ulaw
voice register pool 6
id mac 58D5.6E45.E515
number 1 dn 6
username a6 password a6
codec g711ulaw
voice register pool 7
id mac 58D5.6E45.E326
number 1 dn 7
username a7 password a7
codec g711ulaw
voice register pool 8
id mac 58D5.6E45.E52C
number 1 dn 8
username a8 password a8
codec g711ulaw
voice register pool 9
id mac 58D5.6E45.E479
number 1 dn 9
username gate password gate
codec g711ulaw


Any help will be much appreciated.




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