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Converting pri to IP trunking

I would like to put a test number that is currently coming into a Verizon PRI and swing that over to Iptrunking. I have several questions:

1. Does this need to be configured within an admin call manager or call center call manager?

2. After the test number has been acquired, the cube router will need to be configured with the dial peer?

3. What configuration will need to be done in Call Manager and/or ICM?


Hey Jason,

When you say 'swing that over to IP Trunking', and please forgive my ignorance with your situation, but what exactly are you wanting to accomplish?



The overall goal is to move the numbers that we currently have on another carrier and place have them ride on our current ip trunk. Verizon will provide us with a test number that they will configure and I wonder what steps will need to be done beside configuring a dial pattern on our cube routers. Will any configuration need to be done within VZ network manager and most importantly does anything need to be performed within call manager to make sure this process happens?

I'm assuming that the numbers you are wanting to port over are currently on an active PRI within your network that is separate from the VZ PRI you are wanting to test.

If this is the case, I would suggest using a PRI tester to confirm authentication of your test number, along with all the various features, prior to modifying your core routers and CUCM.



I think that is a seperate pri that verizon is providing to us . But Im not sure if this theory is true that I think we figured out.

Since we have a sip trunk already the cube routers would need to be configured with a dial pattern to handle however they are sending us the digits and then the following would need to occur with call manager, but again this is just my thought:

  1. Translation pattern matching how the directory number is coming in
  2. Adding a CTI Route point for the directory #
  3. Registering the number w/ the JTAPI user

  1. Configuration the number with ICM

At the beginning the calls were failing because the dial peer  (dial peer 1115) was pointing to the wrong CCM server ( When we are  configuring a SIP trunk or H.323 GW the INVITE must be send to the Primary CCM  server configure on the SIP trunk/H.323 device pool. So I change Dial peer 1115  and I point it to

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