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CUCM 6.1.5 - How to monitor the number of CTI devices, lines per app per server

Nguyen Quang Son

Hi guys,

I'd like to trace the number of CTI devices and lines per application and server.

For example:

At 9AM, 2 CTI applications in SUB1.

- CTI App1 - 10 devices - 20 lines

- CTI App2 - 20 devices - 20 lines

In general, the same output as show risdb query ctimprovider/ctimdevices/ctimlines

So, I'm thinking of two possible solution:

1- Run SSH batch against CUCM to schedule the show risdb command than export the files to a SFTP server

--> Can you please give me an application/script that works ? I try plink.exe -ssh but no luck :'(

2- Eventually using SQL or RTMT but I dont really know it it's possible

--> pretty ordinary question: HOW ?

Any suggestion is welcome.

Thank you very much, experts.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

RTMT will provide with the exact same information as the "show risdb query ...".

Cisco CTI Manager 

Counter Description


This counter represents the total number of active Cisco Unified  Communications Manager links. CTI Manager maintains links to all active  Cisco Unified Communications Manager in the cluster.


This counter represents the total number of CTI clients that are  currently connected to the CTIManager. This counter increases by one  when new connection is established and decreases by one when a  connection is released. The CTIManager service parameter  MaxCTIConnections determines the maximum number of active connections.


This counter represents the total number of devices that are configured  in Cisco Unified Communications Manager that CTI applications control  and/or monitor. Devices include hardware IP phones, CTI ports, CTI route  points, and so on.


This counter represents the total number of lines that are configured in  Cisco Unified Communications Manager that control and/or monitor CTI  applications.


This counter represents the version number of the Quick Buffer Encoding (QBE) interface that the CTIManager uses.

There is no way to get this information using Database SQL query (run sql ...)