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CUCM 8 Cluster Status

Level 1
Level 1

I have a CUCM 8 cluster with a pub and sub on my internal network. I also have a sub in my DMZ. When I log into the pub i am not able to see the status of the phones that are registered with the sub in the DMZ. The DMZ is off of my ASA 5510. I have ot had a lot of success find a solution to this issue.

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Nizar Abuseni
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Josef,

Is the CUCM replication good? you can check this from Unified reporting by generating new report for CUCM database status.

Best regards,


Replication is fine. It is really weird.

Can you verify if you have open the required ports for CUCM between the Publisher and the Subscriber that is in DMZ. I think the service that is responsible for the Phone status is the "Real-time Information Services" RIS service.

The ports used for this are mentioned in the following document:

Unified CM (RIS)                                2555 / TCP          Real-time Information Services (RIS) database server

Unified CM (RTMT/AMC/SOAP)        2556 / TCP          Real-time Information Services (RIS) database client for Cisco RIS

Also please take a look in all ports you might skipped few of them.

Please let me know if that helps you.

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Those two ports are open. I have verified all the ports in the doc and they are all open.

Try to restart this services "RIS" on both servers.

Also if that subscriber is down, can the phones register with other servers publisher for example?

I restarted the RIS service on all servers. Here is something that I just found. I am not able to see the RIS service from the pub network service page, but if i log into the sub I can see the RIS service for all servers. I have double checked my ports on the firewall again.

Run the below command in CLI

run sql select name,productmask from typeservice where name like '%RIS%'

Do you see RIS Datacollector

Here is what I see on all servers.

name                     productmask

======================== ===========

Cisco RIS Data Collector 3

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You may also try checking ntp status

"utils ntp status" on pub and sub and see if the time is in sync.

The time is correct on all servers.