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CUCM 9.0.1 7942G 9-3-1-1 Phone Load Auth Fail

I'm testing CUCM 9.0.1 and had a phone from a 8.6 environment I placed on the system.  When the phone runs the upgrade it gives an "Auth Failed" messasge.  From what I understand the phone may need an intermediate phone load version to upgrade to?  Is this documented anywhere?  I have uploaded the 9-2-3 phone load cop file and that upgrades fine, then I edit the device load information and change it to 9-3-1-1 which ships with CUCM 9.0.1 and it again fails.

I also have a 9951 phone that states it has the 9-3-1-33 load on the inactive load and 9-2-1 on the active.  However, this phone acts dead, although it shows up as unregistered with an IP address I can ping.


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CUCM 9.0.1 7942G 9-3-1-1 Phone Load Auth Fail

Hi Jason,

You do not need an intermediate release to upgrade to 9.3 if you an on a release that is higher than 8.5..Here is the release note that supports that...

"For all SCCP firmware upgrades from firmware release versions earlier than 8.3(3) to Version 9.3(1) or later, you must first upgrade your firmware to an intermediate version (8.3(3) to 8.5(2)) and then upgrade to 9.3(1)."

On which of the servers are you getting phone load auth fail..Bear in mind that these servers use CTL and ITL files for security, hence when a phone has already registred to a previous cucm 8.6 cluster its would have downloaded the ITL files for that cluster and until you erase those files the phone cant authenticate its configuration on another cluster...

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CUCM 9.0.1 7942G 9-3-1-1 Phone Load Auth Fail

I found my error, somehow I selected 7941 instead of 7942 in the drop down   I recreated the phone correctly as a 7942 and everything worked fine.  Now if I can get the 9951 to operate again...

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