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CUCM Doesn't Reply to SIP Packets

Zach S

Hello All,

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get SIP to work on my network. We've been running SCCP so far without any hassle, and recently we got a few ATA-187's to run some analog phones. I've tried setting up a couple of the ATA's but their registration status sits at "Unknown". I took a working SCCP 7962 and switched it to SIP and it was also unable to register.

After all this I got packet sniffing set up, the SIP registration requests are going all the way from the device to the port that the CUCM is connected to, but the CUCM is not responding to any of them. The CUCM is, however, communicating successfully via TFTP. The 7962 showed the DN and name assigned to it, but would not register.

On the port that CUCM is on there is nothing coming from the CUCM IP on port 5060. The SIP profile is non secure and set to 5060, the CM setting has SIP as port 5060, and there doesn't seem to be anything else going terribly wrong with any of the other CUCM services.

Am I missing some grossly simple "enable SIP" setting here, or is something seriously amiss?

The CUCM version is 8.6.

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