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Hii, I have 2 UCS with 1 PUB and 1 SUB and I want to put a second LAN connection to the physical server in order to have redundancy If the first LAN port is down. Any ideas about how to finis this setup or some information/how to about the config.Pls...

gabiulici by Level 1
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                   I have just downloaded and installed Configuration Professional for the first time, ver 2.6. It runs fine when I install it and select "run" at the end of installation. However, when I try to start it from the icon on y desktop or ...

Can anyone tell me if there is a company out there that makes some sort of Braille Overlay that would lay over the top of the IP Phones.  With all the buttons on the phones, it can be a bit overwhelming for the visually impaired.Thank you Joe

hankej by Level 1
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Hi Guys, I was accessing the CUE by GUI (web interface) and not was accessing the CME. After apply the command file privilege 0 the problem inverted. I removed the command file privilegie 0, and  the CME stopped, but, the CME not stayed acces by GUI....