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CUCM sends wrong device ID to Recording System


Hello, my customer had 24 users with a physical device and a jabber device each. All device where configured with Built In Bridge=Activated incordet to be recorded by the Recorded System (Calabrio One - WFO).I am pretty sure that CUCM sent to Calabrio a SIP INVITE with the ID of the physical device in the filed x-nearenddevice. Recently they replaced the physical devices for new ones. They were replaced in the line, end user, jtapi user, axluser, and wherever the old phones were. Starting from that, CUCM is sending now the jabber device ID in the x-nearenddevice field to Calabrio. That happens even if the jabber is unregistered and the physical phone is being used. Calabrio doesn't recognizes it as a valid device because it is not configured. If I configured the jabbers insted of the physical ones there, it finds the device but finds no audio packets (I suppose because audo packets are being sent from th physical device) and generates an empty recording.

Is there some way to tell cucm to send the physical device ID? Has the order the devices are listed in the associated devices box in the line something to do?

Thank you.

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