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CUCM V6 - Cisco Call Manager service Keeps stopping.

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Level 1

Hi we have an issue where the call manager service keeps stopping on our publisher. If we enter the serviceability page and restart the service it works for approx 2-5minutes and then stops.

This is a new deployment we are familiarising ourselves with before migrating from 4.2 and worked fine until recently.

As expected when the service stops all phones unregister along with any MGCP gateways.

I noted a previous post queried the licensing file. Attached is a snapshot of ours if needed.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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Level 3
Level 3

If you are configuring a cluster, and the two CUCMs are not on the same version and up at the same time, this will happen. Make sure both CUCM servers are up, when they can communicate, the service will run. They MUST be on the same exact version/revision.

Right off hand, two things can cause this.

1.) License issue - Looking at your screen shot this may not be the issue unless the file didn't take for some reason or another. Did you reboot the servers after applying the license? If not, please do so..

2.) I've seen issues with version mismatch. Download the RTM-Tool and look at the errors generated in the logs. This will indicate where the problem is occuring...

Hey thanks for the response. I have rebooted the server several times and the issue remains.

I have fired up the RTMT and get the expected registered devices increased etc when I restart the service. The a few minutes later I get a "critical service down warning"

I am not very familiar with RTMT is there a particular log detail you want me to post?

Thanks again,


Hi Alfie,

which CUCM version has exactly installed?

From 6.1.3 (I think that in previous releases of CUCM don't appears this message) when you log onto CUCM Administration page, if you have a problem with licences, appears a message indicating that your system is run out of licences or something like that. The best way to contact with TAC.

Other thing is find what problem is causing that CCM service stops. To do it, you can use alert central or Syslog Viewer tool from RTMT.


Hi Guys the logs are showing the following. I have noticed that all other alerts have the correct device name in the machine name field ie the name of the publisher. The alerts that detail the call manager process failing are just a loopback address of I'm not sure if this is normal behaviour but thought it was worth mentioning.


Date: Oct 14 13:34:16

Machine Name:

Severity: Info

Process: 80

Message: Oct 14 123416.654 UTC %CCM_SERVICEMANAGER-GENERIC-6-ServiceStarted Service started. Service NameCisco CallManager Process ID16020 App IDCisco Service Manager Cluster ID Node IDCUCM6-Publisher


Date: Oct 14 13:38:01

Machine Name:

Severity: Info

Process: 81

Message: Oct 14 123801.823 UTC %CCM_SERVICEMANAGER-GENERIC-6-ServiceStopped Service stopped. Service NameCisco CallManager App IDCisco Service Manager Cluster ID Node IDCUCM6-Publisher


Date: Oct 14 13:38:01

Machine Name:

Severity: Error

Process: 82

Message: Oct 14 123801.825 UTC %CCM_SERVICEMANAGER-SERVICEMANAGER-3-ServiceExceededMaxRestarts Service exceeded maximum allowed restarts. Service NameCisco CallManager Reason3 App IDCisco Service Manager Cluster ID Node IDCUCM6-Publisher