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this might be a really straight forward question with an answer of NO but still thought id ask anyway. We have a customer that has a CME system and is looking at the CUCMBE3000 as a migration option. the issue is they have a mix of SIP and SCCP phones currently and the 3000 documentation states it is strictly for SIP and furthermore only supports the 3900,6900 and the 7937.

My question is, if we can convert the 7900 to sip firmware, would those phones be able to work at all or is this strictly a licensing issue?

Apologies again i know the document states the phone support explicitly but how would we include only the 7937 since this isnt natively sip.

thanks again

Cisco Employee

Hi, there

I reckon that the other models will not have the official support from TAC, if you play around with the CUCMBE 3000, it is on your own.


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The CUCMBE3000 attempts to simplify provisioning. One of those simplifications is to only support one protocol per phone model so that the administrator does not have to choose the protocol. If SIP is available for that model, SIP is generally configured internally by the system. (CIPC and VG224 are examples of a SCCP phone in BE3K. I don't remember if 7937 is SIP or SCCP at this time.)

Tommer Catlin

Yup i saw the docs but was checking out some Q&A's and saw this in session so was wondering if the docs were up to date. i guess there wasnt any release to support other phone models.

"Thanks for the inquiry.  In our June 2010 release the phones supported on Unified CM Business Edition 3000 will be; 3905, 6901,6911,6921, 6941, 6961, 7937 Conference Station, and Cisco IP Communicator soft client.  Stay tuned as we are targeting to add support for additional IP phone models and desktop clients with our follow-on release in Q3CY2010.  Our design goals for this platform were to keep the deployment ultra simple, including designing, quoting, and ordering a system, and to deliver just the essentials to keep the system pricing highly competitive for customers with smaller IT budgets and staffs.  Thus it was a conscious decision to not support the complete portfolio of Cisco phones and to concentrate on SIP models, but we plan to add a couple of key phone types over time to provide added choice.  Regards,  Stan Mizerny Product Marketing Mgr."

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BE 3000 is evolving rapidly and older posts, like those from July, need to be reevaluated in the light of new features.

Bookmark this page on the support community to stay current on information regarding BE 3000:

Most phones will use SIP in a BE 3000 environment, but the 7925 and 7937 will use SCCP.

For clarity I will emphasize this: the 7925 and 7937 work in a BE3000 environment, they just use SCCP to do so.

The 8900 family also works, they were not mentioned above and throw in CIPC 8.x and Cisco Jabber as also being compatible.

Per Glenn Quesenberry at Cisco posting on another thread, you can expect to see support for 79xx phones (via SIP) in the 8.6.4 build:

"Additional 79XX phone support is coming in next SW version 8.6.4, due out within the month!"

I converted an 8941 phone from SCCP to SIP just yesterday and all I had to do was register it to the BE 3000 and it downloaded the SIP firmware and rebooted ready to work.

For any partner that is faced with short deadlines to get information back to a customer I suggest that you reach out to your local CIsco office and ask for the Small Business Account Manager (SBAM). The SBAM is tasked with helping partners get the information and support they need to be successful.

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