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Directory Issue

Level 1
Level 1

I have noticed that lately my CUCM and phone directories have decided to no longer talk.

Normally, when a user gets a phone I go into CUCM and edit the Device, save and apply, then I edit the line, and save and apply.

On the device I just change the Description.

On the line I change Description, Alerting Name, ASCII Alerting Name, Display (Internal Caller ID), ASCII Display (Internal Caller ID), Line Text Label, and ASCII Line Text Label.

Normally, after all those changes everything was good, but I just got a call from one of the users and it came up on my caller ID as the terminated employee. After checking, all the fields are still correct with the new employees information. I then checked the phone and the display even said the old employees name. It seems like this will be an issue because I check 3 other new users and they have the same issue, but a fourth does not.

Is there anything I can check/restart to get this push to the phones to kick back on?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you have a cluster, I'd start by looking into replication issues.



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We only have the one box with CUCM, but that reminds me that not too long ago the CUCM box was virtualized. I wonder if that is why this sudden surge in issues. They don't exactly correlate, but they are close, with a few weeks.