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Call Flow Documentation

Hello all, anyone know of any software that can help create visual representations (preferably in Visio)  of call flows both inbound and outbound down to the phone, route pattern, route list, etc. level? Thanks in advance! All replies rated.

Load balancing E1 lines

Hello Team, Can someone help me on how to load balance my external calls on the two E1 Lines i am using. I noticed once 1 E1 line channel is full, like 30 users on the trunk, no additional user can make external call, however, the other E1 line from...

CWMS Admin Login issue

We are running CWMS VErsion Some how we are not able to Admin Page with the right Credential .... For that w are planning "reboot the server to access it using single user mode so we can create remote support account and then access th...

CME Cisco 8861

Have fully function Cisco Call Manager Express, running 20 phones SCCP 7961 mainly. Have purchased some new 8800 series phones 8861, 8821, and 8831. Trying to get the 8861 registered with my CME. My config is as follows: voice service voip ip add...

Resolved! CUCM 10.5 - PLM - Certificate Error

Hi Guys,  The PLM page is presenting error certificate. I verified the NTP and is syncrhonized.  I believe that the problem is related with date. When I try change the date is requested for me delete all NTP, but, when I try to delete the CUM don´t ...

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Unable to clear old logs

We are unable to clear old logs by using clear logging command can you please guide. 1275279: Mar  8 07:34:24.299: %HWCONF-6-UNREGISTER_ABNORMAL: hwconf-1:dibpl8party IP: Socket:1 DeviceType:HW Conference has unregistered abnormally. 12...