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DX650 / usb wireless headset issues

I'm testing out the dx650.  I plugged in the Plantronics savi usb wireless headset I use with my laptop/jabber.   DX650 recognizes the headset, goes off hook by itself, then jumps back and forth between headset and speakerphone.  I can't hang up, let alone initiate a call.

running the latest device code -  Using CUCM 10.x.

I saw a bug that was fixed in an earlier version, something about phantom screen touches when using a usb wireless headset.  It referenced use of a Jabra headset.  Might be related.

Not sure how to go about troubleshooting this - suggestions?


Jerry Vander Voord
Cisco Employee

Hi Irreid,

Would you please provide the exact model number of the Plantronics headset?

There are known issues with some headsets that we are investigating internally and plan to fix in an upcoming firmware release.

You can also check the Plantronics compatibility guide to find a more compatible DX650 headset here: Compatibility Guide


Plantronics SAVI W410

Jerry Vander Voord
Cisco Employee

We believe that we have isolated the issues with that specific model of headset and plan to release the fix in the next version of firmware.

Great, do you have any kind of ETA?

We don't have anything to announce at this time.  ETA for the next software release for the DX650 will likely fall in the late Q2 to early Q3 CY2014 timeframe.  I recommend watching for an announcement at Cisco Live San Francisco, starting May 19th.

just reviving this old thread.  Is there any udate here? We are also experiencing odd behaviors between the SAVI headsets and the DX650.

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to share our Solution for a very common problem when connecting wireless headsets (Jabra and Plantronics are both affected) via usb to any DX-Series Phone.

Problem Description: After connecting the Headset to the Phone the headset seems to "randomly" off and on hook without any reason. What we found out is that the phone tries to send "touch sounds" and "screen lock sounds" via usb to the Headset. This behavior is nowhere documented by cisco, jabra or plantronics and ist very annoying from the user perspective.

Solution: Go to: settings -> sounds -> disable "touch sounds" and "screen lock sounds".

Maybe Cisco wants to enhance its documentation for connecting headsets to the dx-series. Our management nearly freaked out, because it took us hours to find a solution for the very annoying "clicking sound" of the plantronics headset.

We are using CUCM 10.5.2 and DX Series Firmware 10.2(4).46

Kind regards,


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