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Extension Mobility Report



i would like to know, if it is possible to generate some kind of extension mobility report with sql queries.

i use a ccm 4.1.3

my goal is to erase old device profiles that are not in use for a long time. nearly all of the 1000 users use extension mobility so it would be fine to filter these old profiles to get a clean system again. or do you have other suggestions?




Payal Bhaduri
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


This will help you see whether the device profiles in question is asociated with the extention mobility.

run sql select count(*) from ExtensionMobilityDynamic where

run sql select count(*) from ExtensionMobilityDynamic where

If any of this counts is more than zero, you can then delete that entry
using the following:

run sql delete from ExtensionMobilityDynamic where fkDevice='
Device Profile>';

run sql delete from ExtensionMobilityDynamic where

Thank you for your answer, but this will not solve my problem. i am looking for a way to get information about how long a device profile or a user was not registered with callmanager. this would help me to erase device profiles that are not used for a long time. hope you understand what i am trying to explain

bytheway it tried to lookup what you suggested, but i cant find a table like ExtensionMobilityDynamic. does it exist in cm 4.1.3 ?


Yeah that table doesnt directly exist in CCM4 however there could be other tables that might have the information. I dont have the data dictionary to hand but it might be worth looking in there, let me know if you dont find it and I will try and send you a copy.

I believe there might be a version of the document at as they have decoded most of the tables in Cisco.

They have also decoded and solved the pin migration issue that occurs when you upgrade above CCM4, i.e. you lost it. They have a way of acquiring the PIN and populating the upgraded system. I have done a couple of upgrades of around 8,000 handsets / users and this was invalueable and flawless.

Hope this help a little

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