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Firmware Upgrade Path for 8861 - Multiplatform Phone



I have a Cisco 8861 phone (multi platform) with a really old firmware on. I am trying to work out the documented upgrade path for the phone as it appears I cannot jump to the latest version immediately, I need to step the upgrade.

Could someone help me find where the upgrade path is documented for the 8861 phones? I have a few other models I need to upgrade like the 8841 and 7841. I am really just looking for the release notes or similar (I could not see them on the firmware download page) that helps me understand the upgrade paths and the steps (if any) needed to upgrade to the latest version.


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend

3PCC/MPP Release Notes for the 88xx can be found HERE.

Thanks for the follow up @Leo Laohoo 


Am I still missing the details on upgrade path? I cannot see these in the release notes unless I am still missing them. 

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi. If you're running 10.X, you'll need to upgrade to 11.0 first before upgrading to latest. 

Hi @Geovani - thanks too for the follow up. I worked this out by trial and error (the phone would give a general error when trying to load the upgrade if the firmware was too much of a step). I think ultimately my original question is still there - where is this documented for each phone that I could reference when planning upgrades? I am sure it must be there but I cannot find it.


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