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G723 to G729 Codec Conversion?


Hi every one.We have a Wan in our network which branches  can make calls between  each other using h323 and using codec we have added a Panasonic PBX in our HQ and we want to integrate this with our Voip service.problem is that panasonic IP module only supports codec G729 and in wan we dont want to change our dial peer voip codec to g729 so we decide to use an other router in HQ to Translate Codecs of calls that want to go to panasonic PBX from G723 to G729 which panasonic understands.

Branch(g723)----to/from-----(G723)(HQ Router )(G729)----to/from------(G729)Panasonic PBX

So my Question is that is this possible to use for example 2811 router with enough PVDMs and then configure two dial peer voip, one for going to wan network using G723 codec under the dial peer and another Dial peer for sending calls to Panasonic with G729 codec configured under second dial peer.can router convert these codec to  each other? thanks

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Steven Holl
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yeah you can do this.  Configure a transcoder on CUBE with support for both of those codecs, register it to CUBE, and make sure that the dial-peers which you match *only* have a single codec configured under them.  When CUBE has the codec mismatch, it will invoke the transcoder.

To register the transcoder to CUBE, you need to have a partial CME config.  So you'll have a telephony-service, max-dn, source address, etc. just like you would if you were registering a transcoder to CME.

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