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Help, IP phones get frozen when off-hook

Hi, all

I wanted to tell you that I have a problem

In one branch office several of our phones 79XX, like the 15% of them, stops working after a second try to make a call (off hook state). They sudenly stoped working, when you try to hang-off the phone, you get dial tone at the first try, then, at the second try It stop responding.

I mean, it stops respondng like, we can still press buttons, and the phone shows it on the screen at the time we pressed, but we dont hear any dial tone, nor key pad tone, or when we have an incomming call, we hear no ring-tone. (for a incoming call. while the phone is ringing we hook-off the phone, but on the other side, It hears that phone still ringing).

We have tried to de the following.

1.- Change the phone from call manager group.

2.- Factory reset.

3.- Change the phone from vlan.

4.- Upgrade/downgrade firmware image.

And nothig happens, the only weird thing is that I have several phones on a centralized cluster splitted over wan, and none of our other branch offices have presented the same problem.

What do you thing is happening here?

we are using call manager 8.6



After Offhook message to our server (subs, the subscriber stops responding. then the phone retransmitt a lot of times, and it gets no answers.

no answer.

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