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help with cisco ip phone and polycom vtx


Apologies if this isnt the proper sub but I have a question regarding Cisco 8841 IP phones and polycom vtx 1000 teleconferencing hardware.

The VTX is designed to be used with standard pots lines but is also apparently able to be used with voip phones.

We have a Cisco 8841 voip phone with a jack which will allow us to plug the polycom vtx1000 sound station into it but we cant figure out how to use the polycom with it. Both have power and the voip phone works normally just not with the vtx

I'm open to any suggestions to get these two items working together. Thank you!

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Roger Kallberg
VIP Expert VIP Expert
VIP Expert

Based on what you describe I would think that you’re trying to connect the Poly device to the headset or AUX port on the 8841. This would not work. I don’t think that you’ll succeed in what you’re trying to accomplish as the 8841 device does not have any port that would work for connecting a POTS device. For that you’ll need to use a ATA device as those have FXS POTS port(s).

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