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Hoot and Holler implimentation on 4k series ISR router


So I'm having alittle bit of a senior moment and my google-fu has also let me down.  In short I am looking to stand up some additional hoot and holler instances on some 4K series routers we have.  We don't use it often or in a large scale so anything I remembered about it was quickly forgotten.  My specific question has to do with the VIF interface.  I recall the purpose of the VIF interface is to act as the source IP for said Voice port/Dial peer when transmitting.  With that said lets say I have 8 Voice ports and setup 8 dial peers with unique multicast addresses.  Can I configure the VIF1 interface with say a IP or would it have to be a /28?  It's been awhile and the deployments I've done in the past were smallish (1-2 devices).  I'd like to keep it to the smallest subnet I can due to some discontiguous subnetting that was done long ago that can't really be easily cleaned up.  IE I'd love to use these little scrap areas if I can.  Thanks.       

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