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Hotdial ATA Limit Outbound Calls. Prevent phone calls DDoS

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Dear All,

I have numerous Cisco ATAs 186 registered on the Callamanger 4.1. Hotdialing is configured with special CSS and Translaton Pattern that converts called number to the contact center number. Calls are routed via CUBE to the CUCM and than to the Genesis contat center.

In general all works fine.

Sometimes, some ATA originates massive outbound calls. That calls are empty calls but creates heavy load to the contact center. In case of more than one attacking ATA load to the contat center increases dramatically.

Is it possible to limit amount of calls originated from ATA? Something like, no more than X calls per minute.

Can broken cradle or on-hook/off-hook mechanism on the analog phone cause this issue?

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If hotdail work fine,

And there is a problem with the hook switch of the phone or something up in the ATA for sure could be causing this issue.

Try to get a trace of calls when the issue happen you can identified the ATA/Phone than is originating this whole thing

Please Kudos/rate if this help!

Please Kudos/rate if this help!