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How can i connect CISCO Call manager 8 with Siemens HiPath 3800 v.9

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Dear All,

Im  trying to connect Siemens HiPath 3800 V.9 with CISCO call manager 8,  When we make a call from Siemens to CISCO or vise versa the both sites  recive ring but when call is answer there is no voice for 12 second and  call after dropped, Anybody faced this before or have suggestions.



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Reza Sharifi
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You probably get better responses if you move you post to the IP Telephony or VOIP section.


Hi Reza,

Thank you for reply, i have posted now at IP telephony discussions.



Note: im using H323

Can you send the H225 and H345 messaging?  CallManager Detailed traces should be fine.  Sounds like the H245 (media setup) is failing.  Default Media Exchange timeout is 12 seconds so the call would drop after 12 seconds if that failed.  Do you have Wait for Far End Terminal Capability Set checked under the H323 gateway in CUCM?  You may want to try disabling that and resetting the gateway.

Thanks Brian, I will try it and back to you.

Hi Brian,

Hope you are fine.

We have did what you advice up and the situation is changed now.

What is happing now as following: When we call from Cisco to Siemens its ok there is ringing and voice is heard between both parties. But when we call from Siemens to Cisco there is a ring at Cisco phone but when answering the call there is no voice and the line keep open without drop but silent for both sides. please any advice?

Note: By using SIP everything work correct for both sides.


Bhavani Sankar
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Hi Zaker,


I am trying to integrate Siemens Hi Path 3800 with CUCM 8.x via SIP Trunk. But i am not even able to get the ring back. It is staying idle and getting dropped. Kindly suggest. Please share any document related to configuration part either via SIP or H.323.