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How do I stop my phone from automatically logging off?


I am a Cisco IP phone end user.

Phone Model: MODEL 6921

Our phones are setup to automatically log us off every night at midnight. This is irritating because I have to login every day unnecessarily.

My admin support says this is a security setting and can't be changed.

Is there some way that I can overide this setting locally so that my phone stays logged in?

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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame

If you are referring to extension mobility, then there are 2 ways to setup the automatic logout:1

1. via global service parameter that forces logout after being logged in for X hours

2. Via scheduled BAT job

If the first method is used then this is global and there is nothing you can do, if this is method 2 they could remove you from the job depending on how they run it.  In either case there is nothing you can do yourself.



Thanks, this is dissapointing, but at least now I know.

My follow up question is this:

When I phoned our company tech support to ask for this to be changed, I was told it was done 'for security reasons'.

Can you explain what the security risk of leaving the phone logged in is?

The only risk I know is that someone might break into my office and use my phone to make a few phonecalls, a risk which I consider minimal.  Please let me know if there is another security risk (I suppose on the network level) that I am unaware of.

I would like to take this to our corporate policy makers because I consider logging in a waste of time and more importantly many people forget to login in the morning and then can't be contacted. However I need to know the details of any 'security risk' that I may be unaware of if I'm going to approach management on this one.

I have am an electrical engineer so feel free to provide a technical explanation if it's to do with the security of the IP network.

Thanks for the help


You are correct in your assumption, this is usually done to prevent someone from using the phones, i.e. cleaning crew after-hours. There is no other underlying network security here.



Michel Shuqair


We are using a Single Sign-On application from that automatically logs in the phone each morning and logs out when you leave the office. It runs on your PC or laptop, so it knows when you login/logout your PC and syncs your phone accordingly.


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