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I have users that are getting busy signal when Dialing into Meetme Conf.  I think I am hitting a limit on users, becasue some get in fine.   How do I see how many users can join the conf and how many are in use during a conf.? I had a vendor help me set this up initially and I want to understand how this works better.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Are you using the MeetMe feature on CallManager ? If so, the initiator of the MeetMe conference needs to select the 'MeetMe' softkey and then dial the meetme number. All other users directly dial into the meetme number (no meetme softkey)

You can look into the Cisco CallManager service parameter 'Maximum MeetMe Conference Unicast' and increase it, if needed.

Keep in mind that the initiator can't be an outside caller when trying to use the CallManager MeetMe feature.

- Sriram

'Maximum MeetMe Conference Unicast' is set to 100.   I am not getting the to many calls message, just a busy signal.  What else would cause a busy signal?

Can you check if your Line CSS + Phone CSS can reach the partition of the MeetMe number ?

Also, can you check if the initiator's MRGL has access to a conference bridge which can handle a MeetMe conference ?

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Couple of things.

a) the maximum value we recommend is 48

b) the problem is that value.

ad-hoc and meetme share the CFB.

128 streams TOTAL

If you create a meetme you're allocating 100 streams out of 128 (even if you only have 3 users, this is not dinamyc)

So, a 2nd meet-me should work with 28 users.

3rd conference will fail.

Change that value to something that you really use.



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