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Mobile Connect (SNR) & MVA issues on CUCM 10.0.1

Hi guys,


I setup a BE6K a few weeks ago (v10.0.1) and I have 2 issues related to mobility features that I never encountered before:


The first one deals with Mobile Connect (or Single Number Reach). The feature works great except when we try to use the softkey "mobility" to perform a dekstop pickup (the call was answered on the mobile, and we try to get back the call on the Cisco phone via SNR). I hangup the call on the mobile, and normally, the Cisco phone should give me 10 seconds to retrieve the call but it's not the case. Instead, the phone hangs up the call immediately.


There's no configuration at all for this feature to work, "maximum wait time for desktop pickup" is still to 10 seconds...



The second issue deals with Mobile Voice Access (MVA). I setup the dial-peer, the URL calling the VXML script, the service parameter to turn on MVA, the MVA number...


When I call MVA, I can hear the prompt "please enter your pin...", I enter it, then I can hear the menu "to make a call, press1...". I press 1, then I'm tolf to enter the number I want to dial followed by #. I enter it and it hangup immediately. No message regarding CoS issues or partitions/CSSs issues.

My gateway is SIP-based, so maybe I have to setup something specific on the SIP trunk. Typically, I use H.323 gateway to do that.


This drives me crazy ! :)







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