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Multisite unified communication deployment with centralised call control

Mujeeb Shaik

Hi all,

Trust you are doing well,

I have a project coming up which requires me to deploy unified communications on be6m on a c220 server and use a 4331 voice bundle as a pstn breakout plus srst and connect this 4331 to other two remote sites each having their own 4331s , issue is we have to establish site to site connectivity and enable voice communication using internet as a medium as the customer does not have dedicated wan links. How do we achieve this. Any configuration samples will be greatly helpful. Currently they are accessing internet filtered through fortinet firewalls in all the three sites. Will these firewalls play a role too and will have to be configured.


Please advise.

With Immense gratitude,

Mujeeb Shaik mohammed

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Accepted Solutions

That depends on how you allow/restrict traffic between the sites. If you don't force any specific rules for all other inter-site traffic, then don't need be any more specific here, as well.

That alone will guarantee inter-site communication. Now, if your PSTN traffic exits, again, through the Internet (eg through a SIP trunk), you will have to adjust accordingly your edge firewall. If you use ISDN then no additional care needs be taken.

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Georgios Fotiadis
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Do the remote sites currently connect to the main site? If they do (through an IPSec VPN for example), you simply have to allow the voice LANs through the same IPSec VPNs. If they don't, provided the equipment you have, you will have to create some sort of L3 VPN between these sites. These VPNs can be implemented in the Fortigate firewalls.

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