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Not sure where to start

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Our company used to sell AT&T small business phone systems.  The system we sold AT&T has since stopped supporting and selling the system. The system was IP based, we preferred to use PSTNs over SIPs We already have Cisco firewall and router experience, although we've not kept up with our training program.

So, this is where I don't know where to even start.

  1. We need training on router and firewall, to get caught up.
  2. We need training on phone products, and what is needed for hardware, licensing, and configuration. Does Cisco offer CBT, if so how do we get our people started?
  3. We need to set up a lab for training and demos, what equipment, licensing, etc. do we need?

Any and all suggestions will be very appreciated. 

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Kathy N.

You've asked for a lot of advice for getting training on Cisco systems.  Your previous experience with Cisco systems will help but you will want to get more training.  Cisco offers quite a bit of training options on their website at this LINK but you can also use a 3rd party like Global Knowledge and Cisco NetAcademy.  The majority of training is offered online but there are some in-person options available as well depending on the class and the provider.  As you take your training, you'll get more information that will help you with identifying what is needed to install and support Cisco phone systems.  

Regarding a lab, you can use Cisco Packet Tracer to simulate building networks and configuring Cisco equipment.  Information about Packet Tracer is posted on the NetAcad website.  Another option is Cisco Modeling Labs which you would have to pay for.  

If you have more specific questions, you can respond to this post and others in this space should be able to help.

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